Shipping Process

This is a brief explanation of our processes used for shipping products and 'typical' time scales when considering the many variables of supply chains involved.

First of all, a quick note on production time(s) as this is an entirely separate subject from shipping time(s). However, our 'typical' time-scale for order production is around 1-4 days depending on what product is being made.

On production completion and QC, once a product has been shipped the time scale will be different depending on the destination country:

a. If it's destination is the USA it will take 2-5 days
b. If it's going to Canada it will take 4-10 days
c. If it's going to the UK or most of the EU it will take 5-15 days
d. If it's going to Australia or New Zealand it will take 5-15 days
e. For the Rest of the World (ROTW) it will take 5-20 days

It is very important to remember that once an ordered product leaves our production facility and is within the carrier network, the shipping process is the responsibility of the Carrier. We do have access to limited information based on the tracking systems that those carriers provide to us so if you need help with shipping on an order then of course you can Contact Us.

However, once the package is within a carrier network, we will be unable to fulfill requests such as redirecting packages, recalling packages, or expediting the shipping due to circumstances that have occurred outside of our control. This can include delay(s) in customs, if there's been an issue within the carrier network/supply chain itself (strikes, weather etc.), or if an order is just later than planned because of shipping carrier mishandling.

Types of Shipping Carriers:
1. For USA domestic orders we use USPS First Class with tracking.
2. For Canada and Mexico we use UPS ~ equivalent to First Class International.
3. For the EU, UK and International orders we use Landmark Global ~ equivalent to First Class International service(s).

Once an International package has landed within the destination country it will then be delivered by the domestic mail carrier of that country. This is important to remember because all international domestic mail carriers operate slightly differently and some may have a reduced tracking service or no tracking at all! 

Additional Important Information:
Tracking is available for all USA domestic orders and orders to approx. 36 international countries. This kind of information is updated at the end of the day,
International mail items will show NO tracking updates after leaving the USA facility until they have cleared customs in the destination country. It is typical to experience a gap in progress where there's been no tracking updates however, the majority of orders for the EU at this time, are being shipped via Landmark Global from our EUROPEAN production facility.

We make sure that every package going international is labeled correctly to avoid any issues at Customs. However, if Customs deem charges are applicable this will be payable by the end-customer/person receiving the product.

Finally, we do not cover items that are lost or stolen in transit if the package has been marked as delivered by the carrier. We do however, offer package protection which may be selected at checkout.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us by clicking the "Contact Us" link. We are here to help and will gladly assist you.